3 Simple Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite Game!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a brand-new AR game from Niantic for iOS and Android devices. The game is totally free to download and play except its purchase features.

If you need to progress in Harry Potter Wizards Unite game faster than it is essential for you to avoid simple mistakes. If you don’t know what mistakes to avoid while playing the game, try to pay more attention to forthcoming content.

Here we are going to discuss some mistakes to avoid while playing the game. It helps users to enjoy the game more and reduce mental stress in a few moments. Don’t waste gold on five or ten km portkeys

1. Don’t waste gold on five or ten km portkeys

It is suggested for all the gamers to don’t waste gold (the premium currency of the game) on five- or ten-kilometer range portkeys.

Portkeys are transporters from which characters can travel into different magical worlds. Gold is a premium currency of the game for which users need to pay more efforts to earn.

After completing so many game tasks, they are able to earn this premium currency and wasting it on early stages is a bad strategy. Try to avoid this mistake, which helps you to save more gold and progress in-game faster.

2. Don’t open the portkeys if your vault is full

Another mistake done by users is they open the portkeys when the vault is full. Well, the porters don’t work in full vault storage, there is no means to use it.

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In other words, if the vault is full, then you are not able to claim portkey rewards without paying coins to expand it.

3. Don’t use dark detectors too early

Dark detectors aren’t the same as lures as those items that encouraged foundables out of hiding into the hand. They are a little bit more complex for newbies or old players. It is suggested for users to don’t use dark detectors too early.

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